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Congratulations, you have reached the Member Bios! Those mysterious Mad Cows won't be mysterious for long. Read on and find out more about each member!



Name: Vache Yessaie

Place of Birth: USA

Age: 18

Role: Bassist/Composer/Writer

Likes to Collect: Stamps/candy wrappers

Quote: "Chase your dreams or else they will turn into nightmares and chase you!"

Likes To: Roam around the house in the nude while listening to Tony Bennett.

Would like To: Ride on roller coasters in the nude but rules and regulations forbid him from doing so.






Name: Edgar Shagadelic

Place of Birth: USA

Age: 18

Role: Guitarist/Composer

Quote: "I'm a voodoo child!"

Likes To: Try and raise the dead

Would Like To: One day actually raise the dead


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